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Salt and More offers halotherapy, a holistic complement to your respiratory care plan. Halotherapy is the modern embodiment of salt caves, stretching back into antiquity for their soothing and healing properties. Salt in all cultures is seen as clean and purifying, and in contemporary science, salt is known to be naturally anti-microbial, meaning that it halts or destroys microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. This includes the virus that is associated with covid-19. Salt reduces inflammation in the tiny sacs (Alveoil) that make up your lungs, and inflammation is the cause of mucus and phlegm. The mucus and phlegm already trapped in your lungs are slightly thickened by the salt making it easier to express. 

Until October 31 we will be holding a drawing, anyone who purchases a Six Session Pass or A Baker’s Dozon (Salt or Sauna) for the rest of the month will be automatically added.

1 winner will be picked on Halloween night.

They will win a surprise and 2 sessions of their choice for them and a friend





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