Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

We provide towels for the sauna and showers and blankets for the salt rooms. Bring your favorite soap for the showers if you want. Some people prefer a bathing suit for the sauna.

What do I do with my things while I’m in the salt room or sauna?

We provide lockers; any items you bring in with you can be safely stowed away.

What about my phone?

We provide you with a zip lock bag for your phone or tablet. The salt is corrosive, and taking anything with you is at your own risk, but the zip lock bag is safe.

Do my sessions expire?

Yes, they are good for six months, but we reserve the right to make adjustments based on individual circumstances. We all are aware Covid has thrown a wrench in many people's plans. We hope those days are behind us, but if a shutdown were to be mandated, we, of course, would consider that.

Why do I have to call to add a kid to the children's room?

Things may change down the road. It’s to avoid the room being mistakenly overbooked. It is an issue that we are working to fix.

Children's pricing, how does it work?

Child and guardian are the same prices as one adult. Adding a child is half price. If you want to buy multiple children passes, call and get a discount. But one child and one adult can be paid for with one adult salt session.

Why does my child need a guardian in the salt room if the are under 13?

Unfortunately the answer is legal stuff. An unaccompanied child is an unnecessary complication. In most cases 13 is old enough to sit at the adult table, but everyone is different. Call if you have any questions.

Can I book a private salt session or a group session?

Of course, you can. Pricing will be based on how many people are in your group. We might not have a spot available the day you call, so plan ahead and make your reservation a few days in advance

When should I come in or not come in?

As often as you feel you need to, but it depends on your condition. Standard practice is to come in once a week for the first month, then plan a monthly maintenance visit. But during high pollen or low air quality conditions, you might want to visit sooner. You could safely come in every day, but it is unnecessary. The most sessions we sell at once is 13.
Don't come in if you are sick. The salt room should be used to prevent illness or speed up your recovery when you're no longer contagious. Please use common sense; we don't want to spread anything.

Why don’t you sell unlimited sessions or memberships?

Because most people will not use them to their full potential, we don't want to sell you something you won't use. Very few people are going to come in every day for a year. If you're going to come in more often, call us, we will make a special package for you.

What if I bought a salt session and want to try the sauna instead?

Salt and sauna are interchangeable. They cost the same and take the same amount of time. You can do them back to back or alternate visits. It’s all up to you.